Facilitators for The Art of Biodanza are Sue James and Tracy Seed.

Sue James

About me and why I teach Biodanza:

One of the greatest gifts of the Biodanza experience  is the profound connections that are possible when we live in the present moment.

Everyone has their own personal journey of discovery,  and finding out who we really are for me is a gift and I enjoy celebrating this with each participant. I am amazed at all of the unique ways we can find to be creative both individually and as part of a group. Biodanza is a journey of discovery where we throw off our outer masks and come to meet our authentic self.  This is not the one that is conditioned by our outer circumstances, but the one that is always well, always in tune, always harmonic and instinctual.  In time we are able to express who we are freely and emerge into the true nature of us as part of the human family.

I believe that we are all born innocent, this is our natural state of being, and for me it is such gift to be dancing my own life. I love to see people dancing their DANCE, the unique expression of each person, in their own organic movement, moved by the music and the group experience. Often participants leave with a smile on their face and  song in their heart.

Music is a Universal Language, and Dance is the Universal Gift that we can all enjoy.

I am qualified in the specialism of Biodanza, voice, music and percussion and here lies my passion.  We are told that every illness has a musical solution, I really see this in action, our voice is our own primordial instrument, so get to know yours soon.

Contact me if you have any questions on 07535 504271

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I am also a trained DANCEmandala Facilitator, an organic movement meditation system.http://www.dancemandala.com and practice a Wild Women’s Shake at




Tracy Seed

About me and why I teach Biodanza:

To dance, to celebrate life, in all its richness, with its many textures and the unique colours that form the tapestry of who we are as individuals and who we are in our togetherness, is what Biodanza means to me.

I have always loved dance (ballet as a child, disco as a teenager and free dance – 5 rhythms and bare foot boogie as an adult). My mother was a dancer and my father was a professional musician; these were disciplines that were enjoyed freely in my home. When I discovered Biodanza many years ago and realised that I could meet my passion for self expression through music, dance and movement and enjoy significant benefits to my health, vitality, emotional wellbeing and my journey through life, I became interested in this way of working, both personally and professionally. Completing the teacher training has been an evolutionary process that has most definitely enriched my way of being.

To lead the dance is to be the dance; I do this with gratitude to my own journey through life, and to all who have walked with me.

In addition to my experience with Biodanza I have professional credentials in the field of teaching, training, group facilitation, mediating, counselling, coaching, NLP mastery and Nonviolent Communication, I am also a Reiki 11 practitioner. I work in the UK and internationally. I have a specialist extension qualification to teach young children and adolescents. to read more about me see www.tracyseedcoaching.com

Contact me on 07795 632878

Member of ABTUK