About Biodanza

Biodanza is a system of personal transformation using music and dance. The very nature of its system makes it difficult to grasp cognitively. Biodanza needs to be experienced; to be lived; and it is in this living of it that we can embrace its full meaning.


Rolando Toro Araneda, a clinical psychologist and anthropologist from Chile, developed the Biodanza system in 1965.

During Rolando’s work at the Centre for Psychiatric Research in Santiago, Biodanza was born, a beautiful system of transformation where Art and Science meet Love. Rolando’s intention was to create something that would re-educate our broken gestures, that we would re-learn at an affective level and give life to a view that we all matter, that we are all connected, our cells are all working in perfect harmony within us, with each other and with the universe.  His vision was to restore in people at the mass level our original link with our species as a biological whole. So Biodanza became a way to experience all that is beautiful and marvellous in the world.

Dance is a deep movement arising from the most unfathomable regions in a human being.  It is the movement of life, biological rhythm, heartbeat, breath, it is an impulse to connect with the species, it is a movement of intimacy.

Professor Rolando Toro

People have a natural need to feel joyful, creative, connected and intimate. Our own personal journey may have had experiences that either inhibit or enhance our ability to live our lives fully. Music is the medium that everyone can understand, and dance is the method capable of harmonizing and integrating the mind, body and spirit.

Biodanza is an education, personal development and socially engaging system. It works transformationally with culture change, it supports emotional and stress regulation, raises mindful awareness, improving levels of wellbeing, authentic and collaborative relating.