BUPA “Health Benefits of DANCE”

For all of you avid readers, there have been some interesting articles around “The Health Benefits of DANCE”.

BUPA did a study which looked at our ageing populous and they tell us that by the year 2026, there will be 10 million of us over 65.  They also tell us that as we age we slow down, men less so than women.  The statistics brought quite a jolt to me, I remember thinking when I first started facilitating that the encouragement of young people is quite important.  I had not considered that an ageing population needed to DANCE hard, DANCE much and DANCE often to provided them with some really tangible health benefits.

So what were the benefits of dancing your life at 65 onwards?

Dance benefits the body and the mind Dance is a good source of aerobic exercise and a well-designed dance session can also provide low-level resistance exercise.

Dance has physical health benefits including improvements in balance, strength and gait, which help reduce the risk of falls, a significant health hazard in later life.

Dance has been shown to be beneficial in the direct treatment of a number of conditions including arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and depression.

Taking part in ballroom dancing has been shown to reduce the chances of getting dementia by 76%. Taking part in dance also improves the mental health of older people including reaction times and cognitive performance.

Dance promotes emotional wellbeing of older people and combats isolation

Older people enjoy dance sessions and are more likely to continue to attend them – thereby gaining proportionately more physical benefits than they would from ordinary exercise sessions.

The social aspects of dance help to overcome feelings of social isolation and depression.

Dance is inclusive – there no targets, and no failures, which contrasts with the philosophy of sports-based activities.

So how amazing, Dancing really is at the heart of the matter, if you wish to remain youthful, mentally well, free from isolation, be fit and keep that childlike innocence there is only one option.. GET DANCING




The Voice in Biodanza

Around this time last year, I attended the Extension “Biodanza, Voice, Music and Percussion” .  The facilitator Sergio Cruz, guided us masterfully through sessions where we did not use music.  I was so excited to be there, the teachings opened so much for me in ways I can hardly describe.

The famous Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan said “We are all but one musical note in this great symphony of life, when one of these notes is out of tune the whole symphony is out.  So our job is to fine tune our note”.

Our voices are our primordial instruments, and they contain healing vibrations for all ailments, shaman’s use sound to heal all manor of conditions, singing and sounds can transform dis-harmonic rhythms in the body into healthy and harmonic movements.  There is simply nothing more soothing than hearing the heart sing, it is like hearing the gentle breeze in a field of corn, or waves lapping gently on a shore.  Singing helps us to dissolve, to move towards complete integration.

During the sessions I became aware of the importance of using the voice in classes.  The voice needs expression too, it is directly connected to the element of air.  When you find your voice and start to sing you immediately find life expansive, you are born to use your voice.  Attending a class where you use your own vocal instrument, opens the doors to the cosmos, life is present, harmony is present, you are the instrument of light.



Why Biodanza ?

I have always found it fascinating how culturally most of us often find it so difficult to connect as a human species.

Knowing me, knowing you

There are so many ways for me to distract myself,  to keep me from being with me. The internet and its many great advantages also has its draw backs.  Life can become quite a virtual experience.  In the world I am seen, people make assessments and judgements about who I am.  It is only when I am in connection with another member of my human family that I am vulnerable.  When I am on my PC, or my hand held device, I can be who I invent myself to be, no one will ever really know me as I will provide a face for you. I can show you all my good aspects and hide all my not so good bits.  In an authentic relationship this is not possible, you are so perceptive, what ever I am hiding will be in your vision, I may present myself a certain way, but you will see underneath my mask.  Because us humans we are energetically aware of each other, as a species we are deeply connected, you know me and I know you.

Understanding the language of the body

What stops us from our authentic communication, from being the truth of who we are?

One of the biggest lessons for me when I first started dancing was to stay with the re-actions of my own body, when faced with someone’s else’s upset.  I noticed that my empathic way of being was to reach out, support, give my tenderness to those in discomfort.  What I saw as I continued with my journey, was that a part of myself, that was so raw, so hurt, found it really difficult to be with my own feelings, my own pain and a way of avoiding was to reach out to someone else in pain.  During a session with one of the Diadactic Teachers ( those who teach the system itself ), I heard the teacher say that often our own internal chaos, unhealed wounds is activated by others, that when these wounds are healed, there will be no re-action in our physical bodies.  At the time I remember thinking.. hmmm is this true for me, I was not sure, but now with several  years of Biodanza under my belt, I see that this is true, once the healing has occurred in me, then there is no sensation in the body that requires me to do anything.

Authentic Communication

The most wonderful aspect of Biodanza is that it is truly increasing the part of us that is always well in the world, it is not looking at what does not work, it is not looking to change who we are, it just using the body instead of the mind to do the work of bringing us present.  When I am present with another, I provide a space for something extraordinary, a space for authentic communication, this space is sacred it is in the here and now, it is deeply listening so we are heard, acknowledged.  So how many of us would like that in our lives today?