Biodanza Classes


A Biodanza session is an invitation to participate in a Cosmic Dance.

As a group we take part in something called a Vivencia, which lasts from 90 minutes to 2 hours. The word Vivencia has its roots in the here and now, the lived moment.

Through a trained facilitator we are taken on a journey through a series of dances with specially selected world music. This enters our bodies and moves directly to the emotions, from which emerges our own organic form of dance. The exercises leave us feeling uplifted, in our body, heart and soul.

The experience is mostly non-verbal, and continual participation helps us to re-awaken our interdependence on each other and on this planet, the home that we occupy. We are able to strengthen our identity and reach out for solidarity, to re-discover our joy and zest for life, to restore ourselves to balance, harmony and health.  It is a powerful body-based coaching system that can have profound effects on reducing stress levels and enhancing your sense of wellbeing.

The class deeply respects the level of every student.

Children – Kidz Danza

Kidz danza events are led by licensed facilitators who have experience working directly with children and with parents. They are highly qualified biocentric education facilitators who have all undergone suitability checks.

The programmes are planned as a series of themed sessions with planned learning outcomes and as single events for school open days, conferences, birthday parties and festivals.

If you would like to book a facilitator for an event or want to discuss a programme contact us directly.

Here is a short video clip of a Kidz Danza session in a holistic education holiday centre for children and families in Greece